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Commerce Association Function-4/9/2017

Guest Lecture on GST

- Auditor .JEYA SEELAN B.Com .,F.C.A

The department of Commerce & Managemet conducted the association activity program. Mrs.G.Geetha kalyani Head of the Department of Commerce who delivered the welcome Address for the Chief Guest , Principal, Secretary, and all the Staff members.
       He explained that, how the taxes are practiced in earlier days and also describe what are the taxes collected by the Government.
       Exercise Duty and Services taxes are by central Government and the Sales tax by State Government. He also told the sales tax was introduced by Rajaji in 1952 from that different taxes were arised.
       He discuss with the students about ‘GAT’ (General Agreement on Traiff and maintained by the Government. Then he explain in detail about ‘GST’.,i.e Goods and Services Tax. The main reason of arising GST is multinational Corporation. Because these Companies wants to put same price for their products all over the world.
       How the GST is are collected and what are the exemptions are given like petroleum, Alcohol for human Consumption. Electricity charges and Interest by Bank are exempted. And he explained GST for hospitals and Education in an brief manner.
       Finally , He creates awareness among us about GST.
       Sr.Dayana Amala Jothi Head of the department of Management delivered the Vote of thanks.


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